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Elite dog,

Follow this link for a map of available ranges in NC:

If you are on private land with the landowner's permission (outside of city limits, of course) you may shoot all you want. You can't just go out target practicing in the woods in state parks, etc, anymore, please don't even think about it, you'll get a ticket or worse. If you are wanting to shoot anything besides paper targets, you'll need to find a friend with some land, most ranges are pretty restrictive.

Good luck, I've found in the past people who don't shoot themselves (I mean that aren't shooters) start getting weird when you shoot anything other than a .22 rimfire on their land.

Places to shoot like we used to as kids are getting harder and harder to come by now, I grew up in NC but now live in GA, even here it's tough to find a place to shoot. You can hunt on Wildlife Management Areas here, but not target shoot.
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