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New Rules for Legal and Political

To All TFL Members who post in Legal and Political,

The presidential elections are more than 14 months away and the tone of many of the posts in L&P is getting increasingly strident. This does not reflect well on The Firing Line or on gun owners in general. The staff of TFL will not allow this to continue.

Our sister site, The High Road has already taken steps to quell a similar rash of impolite posts. They have completely done away with general political discussion. We believe that political discussion is an important tool for preserving our rights, so we will not be going that route at this time.

Instead, this thread will serve as a warning to everyone who posts in L&P. The standards are going up, we are raising the bar again. The staff of TFL expects the Legal and Political forum to be the most polite and courteous discussion site on the web. Impossible? Some may think so, but the members of TFL have come through before and we are confident that the membership is up to this challenge as well.

Originally Posted by Antipitas
We don't discuss race, religion or sexual preference. As many have observed, these subjects do nothing but divide us as a community. Discussion and debate should be on the ideas presented, not the personalities that presented the idea. That's the ideal. Think Twice, post once.

For those of you that see only black and white, we suggest you leave this forum altogether. Life is not a two-toned creature, neither are our rights.
Beginning now, it is no longer just a suggestion that those who see only in black in white voluntarily leave the forum. Those members who engage in puerile bickering, drive-by cut and paste posting, or who just generally add to the noise level will be banned from L&P for a period of time to be determined by staff on a case-by-case basis. There will be no warnings and no appeals. This is necessary if we are to successfully raise the bar.

Note: If you are banned from L&P, you will discover that any subscriptions you had will no longer work. This is part of the process of being banned.

The staff of Legal & Political
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