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I have a 15X20 reloading room and, like you, I started with a clean slate. I have two benches, one 12' long by 36” high and another 5' long and 27” high. The are topped with varnished double thickness ¾ sanded plywood glued and screwed with 1+3/8” sheetrock screws. Mount the benches to wall studs with lag bolts. I like to sit while using a progressive and stand while single loading. Also, the larger, higher bench is good for gun cleaning, etc. I sheathed the room with 3/8” plywood put up with screws. That way if I want to make any electrical changes I can easily remove the wood, make changes, and put it back. It also allows me to hang small items from cup hooks and staple up “show off” targets.

General lighting is four, 4' double florescents and wall mounted lights over the benches. I put electrical outlets every 4 feet around the room except one short wall on which I built floor to ceiling shelves. You can't have too many outlets. Used file cabinets are nice for storing dies, loose reloading tools, components, etc. Get them at garage sales cheap. Bottom line is build it so you can easily make changes in the future.

Good luck.
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