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This is not broadly aimed, so those of you that have tried to limit this thread to the original problem, (a defective funnel) can ignore the rest of this post:

And so it morphs into a jingoistic China-bashing rant about the quality of a funnel: the RCBS Corp.'s choice of country of origin?

I can tell you that this country also creates it's share of scrap, defective or otherwise unusable products. We regularly find them on the shelves proudly displaying their Made In America banners.

I have at the present time 66,000 pieces of plastic, very expensive, all defective, all unusable, and the manufacturer is trying to tell me they will not accept the return, won't rework in-house, nor will they accept the costs of rework if we contract it. Country of Origin? Missouri, USA. (By definition all Missouri manufacturers are bums)

In the past 35 years of working with Japanese, and Chinese suppliers, I have NEVER dealt with a company when a problem is found that didn't stand up, make it right and move forward. Until today, with these guys from Missouri. (Remember, all Missouri manufacturers are bums)

OP: CALL RCBS!! If for some reason your email gets lost or not received, you will chalk it up to poor CS. And never get the original question answered.
And if they don't resolve your proble, I'll send you MY RCBS funnel that works just fine on .22 cal cases. Then I'll go find another. From RCBS.

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