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Since you are the only one asking for an explanation with a blocked privacy setting I will address two of your concerns here.

YOU (warningshot) owe us an explanation! Why should any of us listen to your feelings when obviuosly your in a SMALL minority
First, I know I’m in the minority. At 17, I was the only one of many young men whom, after completing the physical, boarded the bus headed for MCRD San Diego while everyone else headed for the Army & Air Force. In 1985 I said Urban LE needed the option of having an AR-15 in the patrol car. Thank you for your concern, but I can assure you that I’m comfortable being a majority of one.

Secondly, while at Longview Community College I read and understood about foreign trade agreements. And at about the same time era I bought an America made RCBS powder funnel. It worked then and continues to work now at some 30 years later. Apparently you are one of many owners in the majority of recently purchased foreign made RCBS funnels. Other posting acknowledge the fact that many of these foregin funnels do not work properly and yet the majority buys them. This I do not understand. I have 30 plus years of a posetive experiences with RCBS sales and service. I am sadden and disappointed to hear of their relationship with foreign manufactures. Yet, I'm not surprised on the concept of degraded QC from such ventures.

I remember the people of Missouri as being hard working and kind to one another. Perhaps you yourself moved past the educational level of community college and onto higher education. And with that education perhaps you might favor us in explaining why we should accept acknowledged inferior made foreign powder funnels from RCBS. Maybe your explanation, Sir, would be received in a better light if you would please include an explanation to the stark discrepancy between your initial post and my memory of the good people of your neighborhood.

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