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A good book - Guns in American Society

Guns in American Society: An Encyclopedia of History, Politics, Culture, and the Law, Second Edition Gregg Lee Carter, Editor 05/04/2012

Guns in American Society proposes no easy solutions to the problem of gun violence, and it is not “pro” or “anti” gun control or gun rights. Entries have been carefully cross-referenced and are appended with suggested readings, representing the best of current scholarship. In short, there is more than enough information—for anyone who cares to do the perusing—for each reader to make up his or her own mind on the benefits or harms that the strict control of firearms may incur, as well as the obstacles facing those who would like to strengthen or weaken the current level of control

--- I have several articles in the set:

Colleges and Gun Violence
Ergonomics and Firearm Design
Intervention Effects
Legal Implications of Firearms Characteristics
Mental Disabilities and Gun Use and Acquisition
Tactical Training
Weapons Instrumentality Effect

--- I also make no money on this. It is pure scholarship. It's pretty pricey. I wouldn't mind if folks get their libraries to buy it.

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