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I should have gotten a picture of this but.....

There is a slightly aged farmer that will sit on the side of SR16 not to far from Green Cove Springs, Fl. this time of year with the back of his truck piled high with some of the best greens ( collards, turnips, mustards...... ) that he grows on his farm over by Lawtey.

Being lovers of collards we are regular customers........

Last week we stopped and bought a couple of big bunches on our way out to check the game cams. Needed 2 bunches ( He gives a lot for the money! ) because we had the sausage from the last hog a friend's son shot ready ( I really like people that share game! )and the boys at the market had asked for a special lunch.

When we got home Louann washed and chopped the collards and then put them in the pressure cooker along with a couple of pounds of the sausage. Ended up being over 3 cookers full of collards and sausage.

And yes it was good!

So, as I said there was over 3 cookers full, which meant that a little bit of the collards ended up uncooked in the frig. And truth be if I had know how little was left I'd of just carried it out to the pigs with the rest of the trimmings......anyway it was sitting in the frig.

Now this afternoon Louann is in the kitchen frying up some fish we caught yesterday, along with a some shrimp from earlier in the year, when for some crazy reason she pulls out those few uncooked collards we had left and starts tossing them into the fryer.

Now I know the fancy restaurants fry spinach, and I'll admit I like it.......but folks fried collards are even better!!

Next time you are slicing venison back-strap into the grease be sure and have some collards around, well worth the effort.
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