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Help me choose a 1-4 scope

I'm looking for a 1-4 scope for my Colt LE6960 .. 5.56/16.1" barrel.

Wow there are a lot of choices and price ranges.. I'm not really interested in spending $2k but was thinking more like under $400 to $500 or so.

But I guess the real question here is the same as it applies to every other product. Every product market that has a wide range of price points seems to have a curve where price and performance maximize value.. Go too low on the curve and performance suffers too much, go too high on the curve and the increased performance is just not in line with the massive increase in price.

Then of course there's always the brand that seems to provide a bit more value than its place on the curve might suggest.

So I'm wondering, what is a good, middle of the road 1-4 scope that is found in the middle of the curve?

I see a lot of vortex fans.. gotta say I've never had good luck with stuff made in China.. maybe its a curse or something for me. Saw some youtube videos on Primary Arms products.. not sure what to make of them... Can't really afford a Leupold.

I was considering a Nikon Black Force 1000 at around $390 or so.. Nikon has always been known for a quality product.. $390 seems low compared to some of the other scopes however...

I see that I can get a Trijicon accupoint for around $750.. that's more than I want to spend but WOW, its a Trijicon right? And its not like I'm shaking out $1500 for it..

Dang, there are just so many.. prefer to stay under $500.

I put an Eotech EXPS-3 on my other M4.. Found it brand new in the box for $300 on craigslist.. I think this new rifle should have an actual scope.

My Rem870 deer gun has a Nikon Slug Hunter (3-9 x 40)on it and it does a great job.. Can't say I'm disappointed at all.

I also have an older Clinton era Armalite AR10 with a Springfield Armory 4-14 x 56 scope.. I could probably hunt exoplanets with it.

I'm wide open to suggestions.
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