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Castle doctrine or not, not sure this is the best
phrase to put out there.
Im sorry, Ill be sure and ask them if they would like a beer as they may get thirsty doing all the bad things they are there to do.

I know very little of ballistics between 00buck and soft slugs, But i would believe the Hydrostatic shock from a slug hit COM would be enough to drop a human at that spot, And thats not counting the damage it would do.
But i feel 3" 00buck with 15 pellets at the same range would have just as much Hydrostatic shock but do much more damage that is spread out.
Im not to worried about someone with a bullet proof vest invading my home, Robbing a bank i would tho.

mossy500camo- some of that ammo looks devastating, The problem is how some of its marketed.
The Pitbull one and the Terminator with two slugs in it would both do crazy damage, But i personally dont like supporting an ammo maker who markets its ammo like that.

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