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madokie- Luckily i live in Ohio and we have a Castle doctrine
And your right i did choose a 3" magnum for extra power and pellets as i do aim to kill in my home. Im pretty poor so i have little to fear from civil suits.

Ill take a sharpie and black out the word "Magnum" on the shell and put "Hugs and Kisses" on it. I still wont buy anything like "Pitbull" or "Jungle" ammo or some of the crazy stuff on the market.
Listen, I hope i never have to point and use a gun against another human being in all my life, But will if i have to. And if i have too im gonna do the best job i can.

Im a rather large guy so recoil isn't much an issue, Unless im putting 75 rounds down range and my shoulder will bruise up. I do agree they have more recoil, But in such close tight areas with a shotgun i cant see follow up shots being needed much unless more than 1 target is present, and that BG will be running by that point.
But ill grab a few box's of the low recoil slugs and try them at the range.

My eardrums would be my last worry in a situation like that, Even tho i do wear ear protection at all times while shooting now. It used to not bother me shooting my AK's outside with no protection when i was younger, But i wouldn't do that now.

In all honesty im a bit more reasonable when it comes to my SD carry weapon since there is alot more gray area's outside a home in which bigger isn't always better.

I do think the LE Hydro shock slugs would be more accepted and give less legal issues if i did have to use them, Plus i think i can carry 1 extra round with shorter ammo in my 500.
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