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“I have checked the headspace and it is barely acceptable”

“If your rifle headspace gauges OK, I wouldn't worry about it”

Head space gages, we all know the go-gage when chambered will allow the bolt to close by .005”, barely acceptable would mean the chamber is short, meaning??

If the gage is a no go-gage and the chamber is ‘barely acceptable’ the chamber is longer than the case by .009” FROM THE USUAL PLACES! Back to my M1917, a field reject gage will chamber and allow the bolt to close by .002”, again, not a problem, I have a 30/06 form/trim die, I form 280 Remington cases to fit my chamber, and all the rest of the 30/06 chamber in the world, I form cases from –.012” shorter than minimum length cases, I form cases out to infinity, or a more practice .016” longer than a minimum length case in thousandths, again, that is 26 different length cases from –12 to a +16.

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