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the same things keep happening

Shot a few indoor matches so far this year, and my first USPSA special classifier match last weekend. I still see the same issues coming up:
(1.) Remember when you move, reload, or clear malfunctions, your finger should be OFF the trigger and OUT of the trigger guard. I didn't see any negligent discharges, but I did see about four people warned.
(2.) Practice your one hand only shooting.
(3.) If you reload, gauge all your rounds that you plan to take to the match. Twice this year I've seen guys with expensive race guns have serious problems because the guns wouldn't run with their homemade ammo. If you reload, you need to pay attention to your quality control. You don't want to have a squib or an overcharged round or a bunch of rounds that aren't properly sized or taper crimped.
You can only learn from experience if you pay attention!
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