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Springfield M1911 in 9mm

So I spent the summer shooting my G22 in USPSA matches & my G19 in IDPA matches. Now that my club has moved matches indoors for the winter I decided to shoot the Springfield 1911 pattern gun in 9mm for a few months.

I had a few problems with failures to extract so I purchased a heavy duty extractor from Evolution Gun Works. The extraction problems ceased.

I bought some Wilson 9 round magazines which work great once they get broken in.

After further consideration I've decided that gun does NOT need any trigger work. The trigger is fairly light & crisp as it is with a short reset. I have discovered that if I try to go fast shooting one-hand only I sometimes bash the trigger a little bit & hook the shot to 3 or 9 o'clock.

I sometimes have that issue with other guns too but it was particularly easy to notice with the single action auto pistol.
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