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In the month of May I shot an IDPA classifier with my Glock 19. I shot pretty good this time, but I still (as always) need to further practice engaging multiple targets from behind cover. I'm right handed, and often practice shooting weak hand with support (mirror image) when shooting around the left side of cover. Doing so was a requirement in the PPC course we used as a QC back when I started as a cop in 1981.

So for this match I did that when shooting in Stage III when required to shoot around the left side of cover. My hits were pretty good. I plan to continue shooting that way in that circumstance.

I also shot a USPSA special classifier match with my Glock 35. As usual, I wasn't very fast but I was quite accurate. But I did discover myself making a few errors:

(1.) I was bouncing the trigger when trying to go fast at close range, which is to say my finger was breaking contact with the trigger as I was resetting the sear. So, when I pressed again to take the shot, I bashed the trigger a little bit and a few rounds went left at 9 o'clock as a result.

(2.) I had several D zone hits. In both cases, it was the second round fired on the first target engaged in a particular string of fire. Probably caused by the aforementioned bashing of the trigger.

(3.) In one stage I found myself riding the sights while transitioning from one target to another when engaging an array that had three targets placed close together. In multiple target engagement, it works best to switch your visual focus to the target AND THEN bring the gun over. When you do look/shoot properly it prevents you from over running the center zone of the target and having poor hits or misses or hits into hard cover or a no-shoot.

Fortunately, I caught myself right away and actually didn't drop any points on that stage.
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