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which barrel to keep

First; A friendly hello to all from Europe

Guys, i got a question here, you might be able to give some advice about the following: i bought 2 green mountain 25 inch barrel blanks in .22 caliber.

One is a 1:14 twist wmr barrel, this one;

the other one a 1:9 5.56 ar15 type barrel, this one;

I'm planning to only shoot SUBSONIC .22lr rounds, with bullets in the 40/50 grain range at 100 yards.

So here comes my question:

Which barrel to would probably perform best at long range. Did a little bit of testing and at 40 yards & they both group well with 42 grain roundnose bullets, but didn't have the time nor space to take a few long range shots.

I'm trying to predict which barrel has the best chance of performing well with subsonic rounds at distances up to about 100 yards.

Will the 1:9 twist spin the bullet to fast at longer ranges, loosing accuracy, or will the 1:14 be too slow to stabilize the bullet at longer ranges?

Looking forward to your input, with kind regards, Vincent
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