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Brownells has good instructions on how to do it at

I would add for AR's run a patch or two down the bore from the muzzle and stop it just after the lands. Resist the temptation to make the patch too tight fitting--you'll regret it if you do. Make a cone out of paper or other suitable material that fits down into the chamber opening and is high enough and narrow enough to clear the extension lugs but wide enough to fit a metal funnel into. Some people can manage to pour into the chamber and know exactly when to stop before flowing out into the extension without needing a "prevention cone"--I'm not one of them. Heat the cerro over a low flame gradually to get a nice even silvery pool of material and then carefully pour into the chamber with the barrel held vertically (easier if it's in a vice). As soon as you fill the chamber secure your heat sourced tap the plug out with a dowel from the muzzle end within a minute or two--the longer it cools, the more it will expand. It should pop right out easily.
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