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I just went out and did some test firing--the only cartriddge I could duplicate from Hodgdon's data that was also in my QL database is the 147 gr xtp--so I whipped up their lowest load and fired it (using IMR 4227) and for the very first time my velocity results almost matched theirs (even though my barrel is shorter). However, their cartridge specifications essentially will not feed properly in my AR (I doubt anyone else's, either) being far too short with a COL of 2.00".

I'm convinced Hodgdon must have used a bolt gun for their tests. CMMG must have a pretty darn well tuned set-up in their 350 legend AR if they are using the same specs as everyone else--I personally believe it's just not a cartridge design that will work consistently and reliably with as many cartridges in an AR as would work in a bolt gun. To top it off, I finished my shooting session with some handloads in 9mm through my 9mm PCC frankengun cheapo special, and using an unmagnified red dot turned up to around 5MOA I was able to shoot a tighter group than anything I did with my 350 legend and leupold 3x 9 scope. I left pretty disgusted.

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