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but I cleaned it anyway last night and am going to go out and fire it this morning at the range.
The only caution about K frame magnums is to NOT shoot lightweight magnum rounds in them - 125gr, 110gr, etc. These have been demonstrated to cause cracking at the 6 o'clock on the forcing cone. Some can take it, some crack after 50 to 100 rounds. Shoot any .38 you want, but stick with 14x grain or larger magnum loads.

One of the faults I consistently find with S&W revolvers over 15 years old is OVER maintenance by the user. Do not "lube it up" by pouring oil down the trigger slot, hammer slot, or hand window. This, over times, dries up to a varnish or gunk and interferes with the action. It is easy to clean out, but requires a few tricks to get the sideplate off properly without damaging the screws and flange in the hammer area of the sideplate.
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