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I'll try to answer or get close on the last few - I don't have my full reference handy so I'll do what I know and leave the others for someone with a book, but' I'll summarize the open questions to aid the next responder.

37 Chiefs 704jxx - I don't know
Model 66-2 ADK2XXX - that is 83 +/- 1 I believe - 83 I think.
CDK97XX for a 629-5 - 1999 I believe.
model 36 4J67XX - I don't know.
10-7 2" SB: 9-D11XXX - 1981
Model 57N 60 XXXX - 1980.

DragonSlayer- I looked up your user profile and have called your local cops. $350 for a 57 is a crime anywhere, and in California it is a serious felony. That is the deal of the week for sure, maybe the month. I know a few guys on the S&W forum who I swear would probably pop an aneurism and stroke out if they heard that.

Edit - oops, looks like Jim was working on it the same time I was and he posted before I did. Looks like we agreed. I think the 57 is '80 based on a non -SCSW reference (it is vague on that range/year). Looks like he understands or knows the J numbers much, much better than I can recall!
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