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You guys talk of the "1911 family". Which one?

A lot of companies make a 1911. Are they all the same trigger?
They are all basically the same design, but quality varies WIDELY. I'm in the minority on this, but most people think all 1911s have great triggers because they are short and light. But honestly, many are gritty, rough and generally sloppy out of the box.

For me, pull weight within reason isn't a factor - my S&W 642 J Frame is probably up around 13 lbs but it is slick as snot and breaks cleanly. I don't "talk myself down" by telling myself "it's 13 lbs so it is impossible."
Consequently, it was easier to shoot well than either of my out of the box 1911s which had terrible (Springfield Mil-Spec) and marginal triggers (Colt Series 70 repro).

These days, I've gotten to the point where as long as the actual break itself is fairly clean (the point at which the sear releases the hammer or striker), I can achieve a decent level of "combat accuracy" at 15 yard distances. For such work, a perfect trigger really isn't necessary.
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