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Where to buy Winchester AASC207 or AASC208 for best price?

Where to buy Winchester AASC207 or AASC208 for best price?

Farm & Fleet had them on sale for 6.74 per box. I didn't hear about the sale in time and they were low on AA 20 ga Sporting Clays shells. We wanted to buy 5 cases/50 boxes to get the Winchester $2 a box rebate.

We happened to go to Walmart next and they said they would price match and order the shells. They kept telling me the shells were enroute. They got 10 boxes in Wednesday, which I haven't picked up. I called corporate and they said that the manager needs to call other stores and get the rest of the shells shipped to him.
They said somebody would be calling us back, but that hasn't happened yet.
I don't really care what they need to do or how they need to do it, I just want my shells for the agreed on price.
We travel around the local area enough that we could have bought the shells while Farm & Fleet had them on sale. We didn't do that since we had them ordered at Walmart.

I called a couple of other Walmart stores that also had 10 boxes or so each that the store manager should be having brought to the Bourbonnais store. They won't honor the Farm & Fleet sale price because the sale is now over.

Any place I can buy the shells for the Farm & Fleet sale price?

Spare giving me the shopping at Walmart lecture. I knew better. LOL
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