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As intriguing as the large cased 6.5s are, I would personally shy away from them. If I were to get a 6.5 of some flavor, one of the more efficient ones would be on my list, 260 Rem 6.5 creedmoor. My reasoning is that, while the shove will be less, the magnums will still have all the biscuits kuzzle blast of a magnum without the hitting power. The new high bc bullets in 7mm and .30 cal are no less efficient than anything in 6.5 and their greater projectile mass provides more "insurance" when using projectiles designed to expand or fragment at long range. The 6.5 magnums require longer barrels for lesser performance and power with just as bad muzzle blast. The medium cased 6.5s are a different story. Low blast, very light recoil, normal barrel length, and the ability to carry game killing amounts of energy and penetrating mass out effectively to appreciably greater distances than other cartridge of their recoil and blast level (the .243 kind of sucks)
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