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Thank you very much guys for the replies. I didn't expect to get many replies as I have tried looking for threads on .223 and there are many but not what I was looking for.

The only reason why I wanted to use IMR 4064 because in Lyman 50th book, it is on the list where it starts at 23.8gr. I guess I have to read on how the burning rate affects the load. This I have no idea on how it affects. Some of the powders mentioned are also in the book such as Varget (which has been mentioned more), H335, 748 (what does it mean by dirty?), BL(C)2, to name a few.

Reason why I choose 60gr is at the moment that is what I found at Cabela's. I don't don't go online to get items. Not that I am a cheapo and don't want to pay shipping etc... just the Cabela's near me is very close and don't mind driving to window shop while I'm there as well. Lol.

At the moment, the range I go to reaches up to 200 yds. I do intend to go further. But when I feel confident to do so... it's a bit of a drive. So at the moment I am stuck where I am at... don't mind as I still have a lot of shooting to do in order to progress with skill level.

How does certain brass affect a load as well? I currently have Remington brass that I kept when shot. Did buy other one box of each of the following American Eagle (two different boxes one is MSR and the other has stencil looking font), Frontier, Winchester, and PPU.

But maybe I do have to venture out from Cabela's once in a while. Lol.
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