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Originally Posted by HiBC View Post
Bfg,I'm not arguing,I'm asking.Will the longer copper Barnes bullet stabilize in a1 in 9 twist?

I'll agree H-335 is great for 55 gr bullets. But for me,velocity and accuracy,with a clean burn in an AR, for 69 gr bullets Varget is sweet.

I won’t speak for him or Barnes... but the Hornady 70gr GMX states it will not stabilize in 1:8 although it seems ok in my 20” barrel at 1:8, it’s probably marginal. That bullet is:
70 gr Hornady GMX Monolithic HPBT
Lead-free solid gilding copper
1.047” 70 gr HPBT, G1 0.350

The 75g gr Hornady OTM is stable in 1:8 and marginal in 1:9
75 gr Hornady BTHP Match
0.985” 75 gr OTM, G1 0.395

The 75 gr ELD M cannot load to magazine length so I use it for single load high power 600 yards. Will not be stable in 1:9.
75 gr Hornady ELD Match Single Load
1.115” bullet, 0.43 G1, 0.22 G7
0.130” ballistic tip, up from 0.985” 75 gr OTM

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