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Reloading 223 suggestions

I use Accurate LT-32 and its finer powder meters well and doesn’t compress until max loads with the longer bullets above 75gr.

Varget has a cult following in 223 reloading, it is a stick powder similar in size to 4064, 2495, 4895 so it may have to compress to get max loads too, I haven’t used it yet but have some to try soon.

Hornady makes 73gr open tip match (OTM) equivalent of the Sierra MatchKing and a 75gr as well (marginally stable for 1:9, will depend on the gun) as well as Hornady 75gr ELD-M and 70gr GMX (solid gilding copper). All those are excellent choices for out to 600 yards. The Hornady bullets go on sale regularly at MidwayUSA so if you go with Hornady consider buying large bulk only when that sale goes on.

If you’re going to stick to 100 yards or so the Hornady 53gr OTM bullets with spire tip flat base (SPFB) are really cost effective. I use them for my Mini14 which is 1:9 twist. Of course accuracy is not my biggest concern with that platform but it works quite well. You just don’t want those bullets for out past 200 or so, ballistics suck.

Winchester WSR primers work fine for me, I have a large store of S&B small rifle but haven’t tried enough of them to say how well they work, others seem to like them ok.

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