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1:9 twist should be good for upto mid 70's bullets no problem. The big barrels on the Savages are notorious for being accurate and loving mid range pills for their caliber. My 12FV in 308 is addicted to 168g pills of any brand and shoots them lights out. Hornady, Sierra, Berger, Barnes...all 165/8 offerings just work and work well in that thing. So find that sweet weight ( if I were a betting man I would say the 60/72 range for that puppy)and play with powders. Varget is just easy sauce for loads and BL(C)2 is pretty good stuff from what I hear. CFE223 is amazing for low and midrange weights but had lesser results with the 77-82g offerings for my Mossberg MVP LC in 556/223. But my buddies 12FV build chews up his 65 hornady's with CFE223 and elcrapo brass ( he doesn't sort or care about brass being the same) all day and keeps up with us on the score cards when we play 300 yard battleship targets .
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