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Call it or blame it on what you like--I've spent a lot of time at stores watching people buy everything off the shelves and drive the prices through the roof--I have a a very strong distrust of industry fear-mongering when involving politics because that's the only thing I can count on happening.
The AWB was real. For a decade you could count on some very silly restrictions on arms. The armor piercing ammunition import bans are real. restrictions on NFA weapons are real. The post Sandyhook opportunity to enact some very ugly restrictions was thwarted because there was political resolve to stand firm against it and enough friendly votes in Congress to frustrate the hysteria.

I understand that markets can be frustrating and that consumers and vendors don't always act to keep prices and supply stable. On the other hand, if you really wanted a PMAG in January 2013 and had $80, there was CTD ready to send it to you.

Volatility in the markets reflects a political volatility.
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