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As I understand it, someone correct me if I am wrong IF the 7th decides not to re-hear the case En-Banc then they can toss out the 180 day count down all together.
I thought that this does not affect the 180 day time table. If this appeal request is not granted in the 10-14 day period from now than the 180 day is still on the table?

Not surprising that Lisa Madigan would do this. She probably consulted with her Dad and the Mayor about what to do. She would have received too much backlash if she did not put up a fight.

Way to waste my money on something that was already decided. Hopefully the judges will see the waste in this and move on by not granting an appeal.

I am still picking out my concealed carry gun and by the time the 180 days is up I might have just located a S&W Shield so I am not too worried.

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