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Not to go too far off topic but Illinois politics basically mandates that you get a good showing outside of the Metro-Chicago area or you don't win. That means winning over moderates "Down State" if you want to win.

This move without a doubt is going to push a lot of moderates downstate away from her.
She might TRY to run in a primary against our current Gov. Quinn, but it has all but been announced that Bill Daley (Ex-Chicago Mayor Richard Daley's brother) is going to run for Gov. He would probably beat the both of them in the primary.

Our current Gov. is so unpopular right now the political establishment pretty much has to pick someone to run against him in a primary if they hope to fend off an as yet unknown Republican Challenger.

Mind you that’s IF Quinn runs for Re-election at all. The powers that be could still convince him its time to step aside and let someone else have a go at it.

On another interesting note, just to provide some context on how things work here in Illinois:
Unlike many states the Gov. is not all that powerful. At best he is #3 "in charge". The Agenda is set primarily by the speaker of the house Mike Madigan (Lisa's dad) and the Mayor of Chicago.
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