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And on decorum.

It's a little exhausting going back on forth. Put up your facts and let's get the facts.

Let's see the 1,000,000 MR73 on display. Oops to US gun magazines, it's a 100,000 round gun that is displayed. Didn't mean to discredit the entire gun magazine/website industry...but that is the fact.

Let's see photos of the French force using the MR73 and not in a 1990s airplane. The most recent major terror attack had zero MR73s in 2015. So why are US magazines showing it off in 2017 as the main handgun, cause it isn't.

I'm fine with it being nice and $3,000. But don't come in with nonsense and throw names or talk about peoples lack of wealth being the reason the price tag is not worth the squeeze (look at my sig fella...use critical reasoning on my economic ability to buy a MR73 on reserve). It makes me look rude for following up on nonsense claims. It doesn't build the knowledge source. It doesn't build community.
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