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I wish more people could wrap their head around this. It doesn't matter WHAT government position you're talking about, there is a process in place to replace the individual holding the office if they become incapable of performing the duties of the office, no matter WHAT the cause is.

With everyone in the country who is required/forced to work from home, avoid face to face meetings and such do you think they will shut down Congress if they can't meet face to face with safety?

Some might want that, maybe even some in Congress, but it shouldn't be allowed to happen. A Supreme Court judge dies, we appoint another. Should any of the Congress die or medically retire, we will appoint/elect their replacement. Life goes on, and so does the business of government.
44 I agree 100% however doesn't those same rules apply for everything . I'll admit I don't know all the committee rules but her nomination needs to be voted out of committee correct ? The republicans are down two votes right now and if they stay down those two votes how does it get out of committee ? Then take it to the next step , If they can't vote in the committee they won't be voting on the floor either .

People having a virus doesn't suspend government functions.
Again I agree 100% but that does not mean that work is done by people with a highly contagious disease . Those people say home while the rest of the workers do the work .

I don't remember which bills earlier this year this came up in but I believe a few votes were closer then they would have been because law makers were either sick or quarantined . To vote don't the members need to be present ? What mechanism are you speaking of that will allow someone else to vote for a sitting senator if they are to sick or contagious to be on the floor ?

I get it , the government is as essential as it gets . How ever there is no job so essential to put other lives at risk to do . Doctors are pretty important but would you want a Dr that has covid working on your teeth or other medical issues . There is no reason to purposefully place a person with a highly contagious dieses in a room with healthy people . Do you want the covid positive checker at the store coughing all over your groceries , no . Yes the store stays open but that checker stays home until they test negative for how ever many times the experts say is safe .

I want this to go through just as much as the next guy but I don't think we are all looking at the same picture . This is a highly fluid situation and to just blindly plow forward is not wise .

That all said I don't have an issue with where everything stands at this very moment but I'll say it again , this ain't over by a long shot .
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