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My experience- I bolted two AR 15s together for accuracy in .223 Wylde
Free floating hand guard
Swift 18x scope
Rock River Arms 2 stage trigger
Rock River Arms 20 and 24” full bull stainless target barrels

Never having bolted one together before, it took me two weeks of free time but I had some purely cosmetic hand work to do based on the Oversize Spacegun handguard I wanted to use. I could bolt one together in an evening now, from itty bitty parts.

Using Lake City ammo, both shot about 2 MOA out of the box. I was fussy and went through a break in routine, then switched to hand loads. Instant improvement.. 1.25 inches at 100 yards all day.

Back home to reload a refined recipe. Next range trip I was shooting 10 shot groups at those black target pasting stickers and could cover all the groups with a US quarter. Sometimes some edges would show. I was floored. That’s freaking amazing and having assembled them myself from the itty bitty parts, I now appreciate the genius of it’s design and understand why it’s so accurate (when built for accuracy.)

If you want to see 1 moa:
You reload. That’s just how it is.
You have a really solid bench set up or are a competition shooter and I don’t need to tell you any of this.
You have a quality free floated barrel and decent trigger group
You have some big glass mounted properly

Out of the box, any AR shooting factory ammo is minute of woodchuck. If you want to shoot Oreos at 100 yards you need to find the bullet and powder charge that works for your barrel, and then have the skills or equipment to aim small.

If I can build one, anyone that can follow written directions can. I strongly suspect one trick is to start with quality products. Quality is the enemy of cheap.

Make your own! I really enjoyed it. My only disappointment is... it was too easy. I thought I would be fussing all winter.

Since the AR was too easy, I started accurizing a second 10/22. I had failed years before, and years before rimfirecentral dot com. Sure enough, the 10/22 was a lot harder to get to tack driving. I got to the point to where the next step would be a match barrel... which costs about what I paid for my ar upper (back in the day) and I stopped, appreciating the ar.
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