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Youtube may by iffy, but it might be more truthful than the "real" news media.

One video cites the VPAP (Virginia Public Access Project) as finding that Bloomberg used $6,272,540 to sway Virginia's election, and stated that Northam got over $1,400,000, and Jeremy McPike (Va Senate) got over $1,600,000.

That's well over $6,000,000 with nearly half of that going towards the governor and a state senator.

I doubt if they'll change their stance, they've been bought and paid for. They're nothing more than high-dollar whores who have become parts of the political machine that's on a mission to undermine the US Constitution.

Then add the media...there was nothing about the rally in Richmond for the media to go off about, so they kept talking about Charlottesville, which had NOTHING to do with anything going on Monday. Last week Northam declared a state of emergency and was all like "we don't want another Charlottesville" and the media just took off with it.

And where was all this violence that was predicted? NOWHERE. But the media kept talking about any little negative thing they could find.
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