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"Mission creep" in laws is very much a problem. What absolutely would not be tolerated can, over time become permissible.

As example are seat belt laws.
When first proposed, people objected that police would use it as an excuse to stop cars.
The authorities promised faithfully that NEVER, EVER under ANY circumstances would this happen. The law would only be used if someone was stopped for another reason.....
Today police in most areas routinely stop people for not wearing a seat belt.

There's an old Science Fiction story about a man who's about to be executed and his organs harvested who attempts a daring escape from jail.
After science discovered ways for any organ to be transplanted in to nearly anyone, aging politicians and citizens began making more and more "crimes" punishable by death so the organs could be used to keep them alive.

Turns out the desperate escapee from death row was convicted of speeding a couple of times.
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