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According to the NRA, Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee passed the below. Contact your state senator and tell them to oppose this!

Senate Bill 35 will destroy Virginia’s firearm preemption laws by allowing localities to create new “gun free zones” in and around public buildings and parks. Criminals will ignore these restrictions, leaving law-abiding citizens unable to defend themselves and their loved ones.

Senate Bill 69, commonly referred to as “one-gun-a-month,” would impose an arbitrary one gun limit on an individual’s right to lawfully purchase a handgun within 30 days.

Senate Bill 70 would ban many sales and transfers between private individuals without first paying fees and obtaining government permission. Firearm sales between friends, neighbors, or fellow hunters, would not be exempted. Transfers between family members are also likely to be banned based on the vague wording of the proposed legislation. This proposal would have no impact on crime and is completely unenforceable.

Senate Bill 240 looks to create so-called “Red Flag” gun confiscation orders. This bill will take your constitutionally-guaranteed rights and throw them out the window with insufficient due process in place.

This is only the beginning of our fight to protect the Second Amendment in Richmond, so it is critical for NRA Members and Second Amendment supporters to remain active and vigilant this entire session. These ill-conceived bills could receive a vote on the Senate Floor very soon and with no warning! Please contact your State Senator to OPPOSE Senate Bill 35, Senate Bill 69, Senate Bill 70, and Senate Bill 240. Standing together, we can turn the tide against the new anti-gun majority, but our resolve cannot waiver.
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