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And so you need due process for the people accused.
NOT arguing for or against RFLs, but aren't there LOTS of instances where one person accuses another of 'something' that results in an arrest, lose of rights(freedom), and then a court date where each will 'argue ' their case? Girl friend doesn't like boy friend playing xbox all day, calls LEO and accuses him of threatening her with a face smack...or grabs her arm and pushes her...LEO called..guy almost always gets arrested...


Not sure of other places but it DOES go before a judge in CO, not just local law enforcement..More 'due process' than domestic abuse, IMHO.
The law allows family members or law enforcement to ask a judge to temporarily remove guns from the possession of someone deemed an extreme risk to themselves or others. If a judge agrees, law enforcement officers are tasked with the removal of those weapons leaving agencies across Colorado to figure out the best approach.
AND, it's probably not going to be a middle of the night, SWAT team breaking down doors gig, to get these has been mentioned here by 'some'.

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