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You’ve said a mouthful there. Years ago, I attended a Firearms Law CLE that included Glenn Meyer, JohnKSa, and Massad Ayoob. During that meeting, I met a guy who had practiced criminal defense law for 10+ years. He told me the reason he was attending the CLE was because he’d never felt threatened practicing criminal defense in 10+ years; but in less than 3 years he had seen guns pointed at him twice in family law.

That can be a very volatile practice area. I’ve personally seen people falsely accuse the ex of child sexual abuse to gain an edge in scenarios where they didn’t even want custody of the children. With the current standards for red flag laws and the lifetime prohibition possibility, that is absolutely going to be used as leverage regardless of the truth.

And so you need due process for the people accused. I don’t want to see bad people armed and committing crimes. Every uncaught El Paso shooter is just one more reason to punish me - the guy who could kill more people with a pen than I ever could with a rifle. And I’m the guy who all the current laws are directed at... why is that?
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