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Two years. Not a chance for some of us. AR Disease just keeps nibbling away at you saying "you really ought to try XXXX (insert any number of crazy ideas here) with that wonderful modular platform".

I was looking at a 17" 9mm blank at Green Mountain for only $39 and thinking that a low power (357 magnum power level) 350L AR pistol could be just plain fun. You know, AR-9 on steroids, but actually cheaper.

We shoot a lot of Lee 120 gr TC "practice" ammo out of our Dan Wesson 357 max revolvers using around 8 gr of tightgroup. The 357 max revolvers are also pretty nice to shoot with cast 160s at around 1200 - 1400 fps. These loads are cheap, they have enough bang to be noticeable but none of the nasty blast that you get from full power H110 loads.

I can probably get these kind of loads to run in a 10" or so legend with a pistol length gas system and an adjustable block. The case would be much longer than needed to achieve the desired power level, but it would still work. On the plus side, the long case should feed much better than a 357 magnum length case.

Although the port would need to be big to cycle with the low power stuff, an adjustable gas block could be set up to allow use with full power 350L ammo. I have even been thinking over some kind of 2 position lever operated "throttle" in the gas block to make switching "modes" quick and easy with no tools.

Hum, that darn AR disease just will not let me alone.

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