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Don't think it can't happen here.....

When one looks at all the countries of Europe, very strict gun laws abound. France is considered one of the more lax in terms of gun ownership....but compared to the US, it is absurdly restrictive.

Perusing through an auction site in France for various items of personal interest...I came across a mle. 1892 Bethier 3-shot carbine due to be auctioned off in March of 2020. According to the rules of the auction house, the prospective buyer/winner must provide the auction house with the following legal information....key words in bold:

Category C for the purchase of category C weapons subject to declarations, the purchaser must present an identity document and a French hunting license with validation in progress or a valid shooting license certified by a doctor
A category C permit is more or less where all the antique bolt action rifles will fall under. Imagine going to your local gun show or auction and being asked to provide a doctor's note.

As much as I miss my home country....things like this make me happy I left. It seems since the Nov. 2015 terrorist attacks, all the government has done is clamp down on law abiding citizens, sports shooters, historical re-enactors and antique collectors. Not a single criminal and/or terrorist will be affected by the regulations.

They were able to do this by dividing gun owners and their clubs, thus preventing them from mounting a more effective legal challenge. I see the same tactic happening here with the implementation of "Red Flag" laws. I don't think very many gun owners in America realize how it is happening.
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