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Originally Posted by OhioGuy View Post
As pictured, drawing this small semi-auto would be quite difficult because the grip is under the belt. It would be a matter of clearing the shirt, then pulling out the belt, then hopefully gripping the weapon without the shirt getting back in the way again...

If this sort of holster can be worn low enough, with the whole rig down below the belt, then you can grab it without having to untuck the shirt first. But I think it requires the smallest gun one can get, likely a little .380.
You really need to try one to understand them. I think most of the complaints and doubts come from those who have never used one.

I started with my first Smart Carry using my Seecamp for work, and it worked as advertised and very well.

I soon realized I could carry one of my Glock 26's (with a 17 reload) just as easily, and have been doing so for about a decade now.

When worn properly, the shirt does not get in the way, nor does the belt or pants, and you can easily draw the gun, with a proper grip, and with just one hand, even while sitting. Its easier than trying to draw from a pocket too.

Its very comfortable, for a 16 hour day, and is actually the only holster Ive ever worn, that the gun actually stays "clean" in. No dust, dirt, or dust bunnies.

Depending on the type of pants you wear, you can actually get away with up to a full-sized gun too. It tends to not be as comfortable, and the pants limit you more to dress type or oversized pants.

I normally wear my regular size Carhartt or Dickies type carpenter pants, which are more fitted/flat across the front, and the 26 with its 17 reload, are about perfect size-wise.

Ive carried guns as big as a Glock 19 and SIG P239 in one with no problems, wearing those looser type pants. Theres no doubt, the smaller you go the easier its probably going to be, but the fact is, you dont have to limit yourself and go down in size to guns that are usually relegated to second and third line back up. You can easily and comfortably, carry a more realistic and effective gun.

Now, there is one thing that may cause a holster of this type to be less effective, to even not useable at all for you, and it has nothing to do, with the gun, the holster, or your dress.
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