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Originally Posted by Elliottsdad
Theoretically, if the person wanted to carry deep, deep, deep, but substantially (not a NAA mini), what would his or her best options be? .22 mag Jframe? .32 ACP? How would he or she carry? Ankle?
This is all theoretical, of course.
Theoretically, I used to know a guy who might (theoretically) have carried a Colt Government 380 in Thunderware (which is essentially the same thing as the "Smartcarry" discussed by CDW4Me in post #4).

For females, I was discussing concealed carry just a couple of days ago with someone who reported that his daughter (a night shift nurse) and most of her colleagues may (theoretically) carry in the bra equivalent of the Smartcarry. He didn't provide any statistics as to caliber or size of firearm, but I would imagine something like a small Kel-Tec polymer, single-stack .380.
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