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I have a deep personal bias against anything striker fired - due to a bad experience with a .25 Raven.
That's just wrong, I don't care who you are. Comparing any decent firearm to a 25 Raven should probably be prohibited on some level. (smile)

Back to the topic, I've owned a number of G30s and carried one for a couple years. I now have a G4 G30 to which I've installed a G36 slide and aftermarket barrel, creating a G4 G30S. It feeds HPs (every flavor I've tried), H&G #68 SWCs, cast RN, and of course Ball.

I prefer the G4 mag release and grip texture and feel the G36 slide is the perfect and preferred slide width and weight for the 45 ACP cartridge in a Glock. If Glock would bring out a G21S I would buy the first one I found.

RSVN '69-'71
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