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Long story, but short version.
My similar G30SF is fine at 12K+ rounds. I carry in either a Comp-Tac iwb holster; Safariland owb ALS 7378 holster; or an old leather shoulder holster (seldom used).

My G30gen4 was sold with 17K+ rounds and was more of a problem-Glock to me. This had a replacement frame as the original frame cracked around the locking block area. The original frame was also sent back to Glock once before for a bad mag catch spring, which wore out the mag catch and 8 mags. The breech-face around the firing pin hole also eroded a bit but Glock said it wasn’t bad enough to replace the slide too.

My 1st G30 was fine which was pre-light rail and pre-SF model. It was just too large for me to enable me to shoot one handed even though my hands are large, just not XL.
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