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Originally Posted by JWT View Post
Wow is the first reaction I have to that beautiful rifle. I do have trouble comprehending a shot of a mile.
Dont make the mistake that I am an accomplished one mile shooter. While I have done a lot of long range shooting, both with rifles and handguns over the years, Until now, I have never even owned a rifle that was reliably capable of one mile shots. This is the beginning of a new adventure for me.

The difference in difficulty of shooting at long range is hard to describe. Going from 100 to 200 is pretty easy. At around 300-350 things get a little trickier. Once you have figured that out, 600 really isn't that big of a deal. Then, somewhere around 750 yards things start getting difficult again and only get harder the farther out you go. It seems that each distance bracket is exponentially more difficult than the last, and then suddenly things kinda come into focus, and while it would never say that 1,000 yard shots are easy, they do become very reliable in average conditions.

I have no doubt that I have a lot more to learn about shooting at a mile. I'm looking forward to the challenge, if not the frustrations that I am sure will attend the endeavor.
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