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Re: Athlon scopes

This is my second Athlon scope, and I really am very impressed with them, especially for the money. A friend of mine is an Athlon dealer, so I get the scum brother deal. We have done side by sides with a variety of scopes, and I really can't say that more expensive scope are not better, but the degree to which they are better is not something I am will to pay the additional money for.

I have been running an Athlon Cronus on my 6.5x47 for a little over a year and it has proven to be accurate and repeatable with outstanding optics. The upper tier Athlons seem to be consistently good in both optics and mechanical accuracy and reliability, while some of their lower end equipment is much more "budget minded".

I Particularly like the reticle options. They are simple, yet effective "Christmas tree" type reticle that don't have the clutter that some of the other reticles do.
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