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How Do I Make My Revolver Dream Come True?

I have a vision of a very specific Revolver that I want, which is not made. However, the custom work needed to make it the way I want it should be easily possible. What I want is a S&W 627 8-shot .357 with 2.6" barrel; but with a fluted cylinder (they only come with unfluted). I was thinking just buy the one with the longer barrel (has fluted cylinder) and then have the 2.6" barrel professionally installed. Other ways is to buy the 2.6" barrel gun and swap out cylinders, if one can be found.

And, if possible, I want a very fine brushed stainless finish. I'm assuming that the entire gun would need to be polished and then brushed. Can S&W's custom shop do this work? Who would I talk to about this?
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