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Originally Posted by DashingDan View Post
I feel perfectly safe with my striker pistol with 4.5 lb trigger. It stays in a holster and only leaves when I am ready to shoot it.
Just the opposite. I moved away from the light striker fired pistols and never looked back. People wll say a light striker fired pistol is as safe as a DAO and I find that ridiculous.
A 4.5 lb trigger with a fast break is scary. I carried and shot the snot out of a LC9S. The trigger was down to 4lb of pull. I began to really distrust the gun. Just to easy to make a mistake or be faced in a position of having to use he gun under full adrenaline.
There is a natural defense mechanism that people will, to include LE place their finger on the trigger under stress. And there is the natural reaction of all nerves to include the fingers and the hand to contract.
As Hickcock 45 said. "Some of these new Striker fired trigger have become so light, almost like target guns". Why would anyone carry a target style trigger in EDC?
There is just too much room for error in so many ways.

I have a friend, long time shooting enthusiast, former Military armorer, range master, instructor etc. He just recently was headed to the range. When he bent over to pull items in his car, his Glock went off. Sent the bullet through his hip and all the way down his leg. Horrible wound. He told me later a light striker fired trigger would never be carried again
By the way, his gun never left the holster.

You want to carry a light striker fired firearm fine. I say, no problem, better your leg than mine.

I love the DAO. I feel totally in control all he way through. The trigger is deliberate. And I can shoot themas well as any of the striker fired light triggers I own.
It is just about practice and training. I have found, most people do not want to put in the time. And every newbie now goes to the counter and wants a light striker fired trigger. Why? because the internet told them this.

Light crisp trigger, no safety. Seems to be the fad on the internet.

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