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My question is “why”?
Agreed. I say this as someone that carries a Glock, if you have a system that works for you then you don't "need" to change.

LEM is love or hate.
Bingo. I tried LEM for a while. For a DAO hammer fired system it's hard to beat, but for me the questions sort of became, why? I'd rather DA/SA personally. To me DAO hammer fired guns, as opposed to DA/SA, is someone sitting there saying, "Well that first trigger pull in DA isn't easy, so why don't I make that trigger pull slightly lighter and make all subsequent trigger pulls notably worse?" Some people really like it. I tried it in a HK P2000 for a while. There are variants of lem. There is the standard, "heavy" lem, which breaks right around 7-8 lb. Then you can lighten that with different trigger return springs and hammer springs and get something down to 5-6 lb, known as "light" lem. The system is a bit unusual in that I don't know if I'd call it 100% DAO. It uses the motion of the slide to precock the hammer slightly. Meaning if you pull the trigger and the slide doesn't cycle the next trigger pull is noticeably heavier. It also used to get advertised as having a "short reset". It doesn't have any shorter rest than DA/SA, but unlike a true DAO the trigger doesn't need to be let all the way out to reset so that's nice (SIG's DAK is similar in this regard)

People on HKPro used to extol the virtues of LEM over striker fired because of second strike capability and the like, and then when the VP9 came out most of those people jumped on that like a starving man on a Christmas ham.
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