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I checked Gunbroker complete auctions, and actual sale prices varied from about $400 to one that went for $1,790 (a real beauty, but someone got carried away). I think you should find someone who really knows these guns and have them take a close look. Posting pictures on this forum will help get you a response, maybe from a true expert. What caliber are these guns? A less common round may add value.

As far as care, no refinishing of any type. Just a good cleaning and oil sparingly. Be sure to clean the bore and check its condition.

Lots of sales venues. If there is a good gun shop nearby, consignment is an option. But by "good", I mean a shop that really knows their stuff and handles classic arms. I have bought and sold a number of guns on Gunbroker. You will get a wide variety of opinions on that website, but I have had pretty good luck. There are others, like Armslist. Lots of exposure, which can be a blessing and a curse.
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