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I am no expert on Winchesteres but will throw this out there as to my experience a couple of years ago. A LGS - a reputable one who has been in the same family for at least close to 70 years - had a 1894 30-30 - day of manufacture of 1905 in their consignment rack two years ago. I took a look at it - I would rate it as being "good" condition as it had honest finish wear but not abused and the bore was in good shape. It was consigned for $999.99 if I remember correctly. I don't remember now what the serial # was but at the time, I did look it up and it was 1895 yer of birth. I was seriously considering buying it and the seller evidently wanted to get it sold so he lowered the price to $900.00. I waited a day too long and it went out the door at that price. Keep in mind, I'm no expert - to me it looked like a decent 94 carbine - but someone with expertise who might spot title things on one that might make it a more rare version is who I would trust to give a fair value estimate. Sine that one, I haven't had the opportunity to run across another early one to know if it was priced correctly or not. There must be a Winchester forum that maybe you could post some photos on and get some opinions from knowledgeable members. Good luck and I hope you and your friend are able to do some "homework{ so that he isn't taken advantage of if he goes to sell them.
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